Tyrant, tears and fears

Premise: A young woman is a victim of domestic violence, eventually finding the strength to create a new life.

Married for eleven years
It began simply, with daily tears

It wasn’t always bad
Yet on most days I felt terribly sad

The good times were great
No indication of our eventual fate

Together we spawn two children
Early in life they knew the bail bondsman

He began to own me, to assert his control
Eerily I descend deeper into a hellhole

We were together, I was alone
So much fear, I keep my children near
What to do, where to go
Questions I pose but answers I don’t know

I’m so afraid
I realize, my trust I’ve mislaid

I have no skills, I don’t work
If I did, perhaps only a clerk
He uses this against me, wryly offering a smirk

I know I can change him
I love him
He tells me not to worry
He tells me he’s sorry

He is a tyrant
I shed tears
He plays upon my fears

He dominates
He controls
He possesses
He has stolen my voice
Until the day he gave me no choice

We stand, we argue
Then my tormented face is finally kissed by his clenched fist

Stunned, I stagger back
Looking up, searching the sky, asking why

Visible from heaven above
I now see a new sort of love

Loving myself will set me free
As if struck by a lightening bolt
His fist launches my revolt

I know I must go
Jess and Daniel, my helpless children
My love for you I will forever show

His assault is not my fault
A way of thinking I must halt

My children and I start anew, finding a new truth
Self-reliance is our fount of youth

Hands to my face, sobbing with no trace
I will survive and I can thrive

I have beaten the tyrant
Overcome my fears
Having shed far too many tears

Dependent on no one
I have prevailed
Tyrant, tears and fears