Premise: A young man loses contact with his love for no clear reason. Years of regret intervene before they’re reunited.

I knew her before, so many years ago
A love so deep, surely you must know

So young when times were tough
We were always together yet it was never enough
We had little but always found reason to laugh
Together we made
A sweet silhouette

Always happy, neither had cause to lie
I wish I knew
I would regret leaving you
Until I was to die

She was my lover and entertainer
She listened when I hurt
I can’t say why I was such a complainer

I see her in my dreams, a silhouette from days past
I only wish I had made them last

Her soulful silhouette haunts me to this day
Without her I’m not sure I’ll find my way

I dream of you, my North Star
But in truth your touch is too far

It could’ve been different for us
No house, no cars or clubs
Just us and it would’ve been so much
I see that now
But only by the fading light of your sad silhouette

It’s hard to contain my sorrow
I survive knowing there will be another tomorrow

To see you again I would happily confront any threat
I hope I find you, find your sweet silhouette

I’m on a plane going back from where I came
The jet engines hum
I swear they sing your name

We used to love this coffee shop
I made it my first stop

I sit alone in the corner
Swallowed by leather
Smooth jazz riffs make me somber
Birds outside tussle, one loses a feather

I imagine your sweet silhouette, just like it used to be
Sitting adoringly across from me
I will confess, a tear I’ve shed
But only because I feel dead

My life changed in a blink
I would never think

Our eyes meet
The resulting spark ignites our rekindled heat

You stride inside
I see you ignite with pride
I watch in disbelief as my memory is reborn
No longer do I feel so torn

We embrace, we kiss, immersed in mutual relief
Both so thankful to avoid lifelong grief

Together again, we feel strong
An emotion we’ve waited to feel for too long

The setting sun cast a last glimmer
Shining upon us, united as one
Together we make
A sweet silhouette