Jack Daniels and Mary Alice

seemingly wild young woman on the left transforms into a calm and collected lady on the right

Premise: A sad story of addiction

Mary Alice loved her man, for him there was no bigger fan
There was nothing she didn’t love about Jack
His shape, his taste, his smell
He swept her away like a bat outta hell
All of it made her warm, loose, even hot
He made her laugh with each shot
Joyful and happy when together, an impossible dream, an inseparable team

Her friends begged Mary Alice
They meant no malice
Leave him and leave soon
If you don’t you may never see June

Mary Alice feels his passion, his allure, his attraction
On her knees, she looks up to him, she smiles coyly
Then guides Jack into her mouth
Deliberate and slow, swirling her tongue to savor his flavor

They found them both the next day because she let Jack stay
Dead on the couch, only heaven’s pull could take her higher
Assaulted by the stench of whiskey wafting like smoke from fire
At once together and alone, Jack Daniels and Mary Alice