Dare to be alone and Together

Premise: Two thousand years ago a mysterious old traveler speaks to a tribal council to impart the secrets of lasting love.

Sitting atop a large flat stone in an open field
Brushing aside his long silver locks
Bringing to his lips a long clay pipe
Steadying for a light, his gnarled knuckles make this a fight
His sandals dusty, brow wrinkled and damp
His eyes, an odd milky hue of liquid blue

A group of younger men sit to his front
Some on a stone, several on a log
The moon crescent
The breeze light, the dusk hot
The earthy smell of horses dancing across the night
Rising from the burgeoning rye fields wafts a hopeful promise

A younger man stands to be recognized
He is tall, lean, well muscled
Wavy brown locks cascade across broad shoulders
A leather band binds hair to head
A strong hand resting atop the pommel of sword in scabbard

Tell us wise stranger
We know great success
The fruits of our labor are bountiful
Behold endless fertile fields of rye and stores of meat
Our stomach’s are full, our trade is rich
Our enemies at bay
There are none better
Yet we are unfulfilled

We have not mastered the most important art of all
One final achievement and we will be truly rich
Yet the road ahead is dark and unknown
Love – what is the secret of enduring love
Why are we cursed to know only hollow carnal pleasures

Slowly rising to his feet, leaning upon his walking staff
A scowl overtakes his ancient face, pointing while chanting

I have learned many things in my time
But what you ask is the most sought after secret of life
The very grail of love
I have spoken of this with many wise men, kings, queens, warrior’s and merchants alike
And I have learned this my sons
I have learned this

A life together flourishes only as well as lives apart
Yes you confide secrets that bind as one
Yes you share danger, thrilling and chilling
Yes this forms bonds of trust, in which you must
Yes you share pleasures of flesh yet this alone doesn’t endure
Certain to leave your love vacant and poor
To this, I know there is more

You seek everlasting intimacy, so listen to my prophecy
You must allow her to grow
To realize her full self
Do not attempt to control her way
Enable her to blossom separate from your union
If you fail you will pay
Unless you dare to be alone and together

There is more my sons
Hear this and make it tribal lore
Never stop learning and trust her for the same
Share your fears, your self doubt, your failures
Reveal your weaknesses and you will know love everlasting
Celebrate your individual successes as one
Help her to achieve what is hers and ask the same

When she speaks succumb to attentive silence
Fix your gaze upon her eyes
Listen to the rhythmic song of her breath
If you can, your love will know no death

The young man strides forward
Could it be so simple wise father, is this the grail of love

What I describe is far from simple, he declares with a glare
His voice booming thunder, a new wind kicks up dust
The dusk turns crimson red filling hearts with dread
There is one last commandment I must share and I do so with great care

This golden rule is your precious jewel
And if you choose, your love, you will never lose

In a hoarse, hushed whisper he imparts
It is laughter my sons
Together you must laugh
Laughter is the elixir for which you search
Laughter is the highest perch from which may see heavens dove
Foreboding the arrival of endless love

Laughter is to love as blood to body, as air to life, as tree to air, as hope to humanity
Laugh together and you will find what you seek

But I lament, most of you will leave me in torment
Destined to plant your bastard seeds through lifelong meaningless deeds

Write these words so they are preserved
You must choose love eternal
Laugh alone and together and you shall both live forever