dying lover

Eye’s wide corpse

Premise: A love story, the passing of a lover yet their love is uninterrupted by death.

seemingly wild young woman on the left transforms into a calm and collected lady on the right

Jack Daniels and Mary Alice

Premise: A sad story of addiction

elderly woman gently holding the face of a young girl


Premise: A short life story of my mother and the agonizing decisions at her life's end.

young man facing identity issues on the left transforms into a dapper old man on the right

White suede wing tips with candy apple red laces

Premise: A young man leading a dull and lifeless life finds his personal change catalyst. In his case it’s a small choice of stylish shoe that launches his personal transformation. This is a story of hope and messaging that each of us can be whomever we choose to be.

Distressed, emotional woman's face

I’m bleeding right behind you

Premise: A cry for help voiced in the midst of two lovers breaking up. A relationship in turmoil or perhaps the victim of an addiction pleading for help.

abstract of woman experiencing whiplash

Whiplash world

Premise: Technology is having a wide ranging impact on our lives. Some good, some not.

woman pulling a mask away from her face

Hyding from Jekyll

Premise: This story will invoke your courage to embrace your changing self as you age and transform

a beautiful dark skinned woman with piercing amber eyes

Immune to the Scorpion

Premise:The lethal scorpion is a metaphor for life’s tough blows – even if all seems lost, therein lies an opportunity for growth, unknown outcomes. This is a story of HOPE and inner strength

man's and woman's hands interlaced

Your warmth is getting Hot

Premise: A story of forgiveness. A relationship where one partner is particularly troubled and prone to disappointing. Forgiveness being their keystone for lasting love.

young girl daydreaming

Barking Bird

Premise: The strength to outwardly express your individuality. To be who you are most comfortable being in a world where that's not always accepted. A story of hope and encouragement.

old man on the left, mysterious beautiful woman on the right

Four into eight – the Silva grail

Premise: A middle aged man confronts his emotional death having lived four of an expected eight decades. The inability to feel as he once did as a younger man. A mysterious, beautiful woman helps him rediscover the potential of life.



Premise: A young man loses contact with his love for no clear reason. Years of regret intervene before they're reunited.

Tyrant tears and fears

Tyrant, tears and fears

Premise: A young woman is a victim of domestic violence, eventually finding the strength to create a new life.

Worn, overworked hands of an old man

Effectus vox est renumeror

Premise: A simple, yet powerful idea suggesting we encourage doing right by our fellow man over monetary gain. The possibilities of that future …

young couple on the left ages together into a happy elderly couple

Dare to be alone and Together

Premise: Two thousand years ago a mysterious old traveler speaks to a tribal council to impart the secrets of lasting love.

regretful woman on the left, transforms into vengeful on the right

Preyed upon Victim

Premise: A victim of relentless bullying, a young college aged woman reflects upon her school years. Her fear and hurt dissipates upon hearing news of her bully’s life and ultimate fate.

Soldier shaking hands and passing flag to grieving relative

The Eulogizer

Premise: The death of too many close family members causes one man to reluctantly assume a role for which he is ill prepared, uncannily effective and regrettably far too practiced.

woman with a bottle of liquor to the left, has left the bottle for the love of her young child on the right

Comfort in a Cookie

Premise: A single mom, stressed and overwhelmed stands at a crossroads. She can reset her life perspective or succumb to the allure of booze or drugs as a way to regain control. Her choice?

Fame is Futile

Fame is Futile

Premise: Fame as a goal is meaningless and won’t provide the fulfillment one perceives.

white paper on the left is a metaphor for young child on the right

Blank White Paper

Premise: Blank white paper as a metaphor for fear associated with a new beginning. A hopeful story encouraging you to find your best future.