Anson Decker

My name is Anson Decker.  I’m a storyteller with thousands of compelling stories bottled up inside that I would like to share with you.  I’ve been writing for decades but just recently I’ve become overwhelmed by the urge to positively impact your life through my words and powerful imagery.

I hope you not only enjoy the work but that you become part of the work.  I encourage participation, collaboration and together, perhaps we can create a community that is truly special.

Subject Matter

Generally speaking, I write about you.  I draw my inspiration from you.  These stories about your lives.  My stories are written in a unique style unencumbered by tradition, rules or genre’.  In the Stories page you will find topics like these:

  • Intimate relationships, friendship, emotions and personal interactions
  • Sexuality, love, beauty, confidence and imtimacy
  • Personal growth – courage, fear, being awkward
  • Darker side of life – addiction, vanity, selfishness, controlling, failure and greed
  • The world – humanity, urbanity and culture
But most of all, the common thread I weave through my writing is no less important to us than oxygen itself. The idea of HOPE.

My goal is to connect with you and entertain via the innovative combination of poetry and visually dynamic photographic images.  A genre’ I’m calling, “Poemography”.  This website is designed to bring together a community comprised of those who seek inspiration, those who take comfort in being reminded they are not alone, those who find energy in messages of hope.

A conversation

I want to engage with you often and in a meaningful way.  This is a community gathering place, a virtual favorite cozy coffee shop designed for us to collaborate with others, creating something incredibly unique and special.

If that objective intrigues you.  If you see the potential to create and to be part of the creation.  If you have a voice, a point of view then I welcome your active involement.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Submit your photography here …..
  • Submit your ideas for new stories here ….
  • Register to become a member of the Paradox Eyes creative community here …
Singers, songwriters, videographers, writers, photographers

I hope the stories inspire you to build upon this platform.  I hope you connect with each other and with me.  If you have ideas to set a story to music or video, I would like to hear about it.  If you would like to adapt a story to create a song, I would like to hear about it.  Start the dialogue by describing your ideas on ……..

Paradox Eyes

This ever expanding collection of short stories and photographic interpretations is referred to as “Paradox Eyes” as if the title of a book containing the short stories and photographs.  More importantly, Paradox Eyes is a concept that explains how I often select subject matter for my writing.

Paradox defined:
A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated proves to be true.

I like to start with self-contradictory concepts that don’t appear to fit then proceed to write a story inspired by and explaining the contradiction (e.g., Barking Bird, Immune to the Scorpion, Dead foe regret).

While the paradox approach is really fascinating to me.  I also find myself writing about life in a way that’s real, visceral and raw (e.g., Four into Eight, Dare to be, Tyrant tears and fears).

My point is that while I have some guidelines, I like a no rules approach.  I think you do too.

Is this poetry?

I have no idea how to classify my writing and its not something I think about much.  I’m not a trained professional writer, nor do I have a Masters degree in literature or any other subject.  I break a lot of rules.  Academics, intellectuals and the literary community are not likely to view my work as classic, conventional or even any good.  I’m not writing for them.  I write for you and selfishly, to retain my sanity.

So please overlook the rhythm of rhyming stanzas that doesn’t really work.  Overlook the length of a story as being ‘unpoem’ like.  Overlook the many imperfections you can surely find and simply enjoy the message.  Revel in it. Connect to it.  Make it your own.  Make it better.

Use of the “Poets Premise” leading each story

You will notice that each story begins with a “Premise”.  It’s my way of explaining my thought process and intent for each story’s meaning.  Many may argue this approach is best described as the ‘anti-poem’ and should be avoided at all cost.  So let me explain.

I don’t read much poetry.  Very rarely in fact.  I find writers use flowery language, intentionally mask their meaning with overly complex vocabulary and technical writing technique that I lose my way and lose interest.  So I’m taking a risk by trying something different, something unique.

I actually describe my meaning, as the writer, for everyone to see.  I don’t believe that places any limits on your desire or ability to interpret the story for yourself in your own way.  Just the opposite actually.  I believe understanding the writers meaning will draw you in, make you feel closer to the writing and will carry you to a point where you slow down to take the time to think it through for yourself.

I think its beautiful and integral to my approach.  I respect my readers so much that I have no doubt you will exercise your freedom and intelligence to create an independent point of view if you so desire.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.